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FUORI ROTTA EVENTI E CONGRESSI srl places itself at the service of its customers in the events sector (Weddings, Private Parties, conferences, congresses, workshops, seminars, etc.) has a low environmental impact and undertakes to act ethically in all aspects of its event, maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity thanks to the work of women and men who work within it and the collaboration of companies and craftsmen who provide products and services


This Code of Ethics is based on the founding values ​​of FUORI ROTTA EVENTI E CONGRESSI srl and defines the rules of conduct for employees and the actions taken on behalf of the Company and its Customers.


What is the code of ethics


This Code of Ethics (the "Code") summarizes the principles of conduct that administrators, directors, managers, employees and collaborators for any reason, as well as the suppliers of FUORI ROTTA EVENTI E CONGRESSI srl must respect when conducting business activities, in carrying out work performance and, in general, in internal and external relations with the Company itself. It does not claim to be exhaustive

To whom and where does it apply

The Code binds directors, managers, employees and collaborators, as well as suppliers and all commercial Partners.


FUORI ROTTA EVENTI E CONGRESSI srl respects the Code in all its activities both in Italy and abroad.


Where it is available

Each one can consult the Code in electronic format on the website www.fuorirottaeventi, com and can find a copy attached to the contract.

Or you can get a hard copy by asking for it by sending an email sent to:



General principles

Compliance with laws


FUORI ROTTA EVENTI E CONGRESSI srl respects any law and, in general, any local, national or international legislation applicable in Italy and in any other country in which it operates.

We avoid conflicts of interest


FUORI ROTTA EVENTI E CONGRESSI srl and all its members have always avoided any preference or personal advantage.


This also includes personal, family or financial conflicts of interest with those of FUORI ROTTA EVENTI E CONGRESSI srl or when an employee has an interest in an organization that seeks to do business with the Group. When working with competing organizations we ensure that there are different work teams for each client and we ensure that client data is protected and accessible through authorized and protected sections.


Financial integrity and anti-fraud


FUORI ROTTA EVENTI E CONGRESSI srl pursues any economic and financial transaction by observing the principles of integrity and transparency and, in any case, does not carry out any fraudulent transaction or transaction. For this reason, among other things, every operation and transaction must be correctly authorized, verifiable, legitimate, coherent and congruous.

Fight against corruption


FUORI ROTTA EVENTI E CONGRESSI srl refuses corruption as an instrument for conducting its business. It is therefore not allowed under any circumstances to bribe or even attempt to bribe holders of elected public offices, public officials or public service employees, as well as private individuals. In particular, nobody can offer, promise or give money or other advantages to obtain undue services for the company or for itself. In addition, no one can claim money or other benefits to perform undue benefits. We will not participate in any form of initiative that serves to artificially increase popularity on search engines, we will not use techniques that jeopardize the objectivity of search engines and our client's website.



We will not participate in links, nor in the development of websites that promote pornography, exploitation and violence against women or children, racial or minority hatred, violence, and terrorist organizations.


We promote and support international and local efforts to eliminate corruption and financial crime.


Intellectual property protection


As a communications operator, FUORI ROTTA EVENTI E CONGRESSI srl knows the value of intellectual property well and therefore respects and protects the content of all forms of intellectual property of its own and others, whether it is copyright, patents, trademarks, trade secrets. or other intangible asset. We will not participate in the distribution of pirated material, nor will we intentionally use or assist a customer in using stolen materials or plagiarizing any source, or in any way violating another person's intellectual property.

We work with transparency

We guarantee that all the Group's actions and relations with its colleagues, customers and suppliers are correct. We compete with commitment and honestly by respecting all competition and antitrust laws.


We act responsibly

We consider the impact of our work on a social, environmental level and we pay attention to respect for human rights and we do not accept jobs built to mislead.

We give and receive respect


We treat our colleagues, customers and partners with dignity and courtesy. We do not tolerate sexual harassment, discrimination or offensive behavior of any nature, including also the humiliation of people through words or actions, and the production or distribution of offensive material.



We believe in people and support diversity

We select and promote our staff on the basis of their merit and qualifications, without discrimination of race, religion, nationality, color, sex, sexual orientation, identity, age or disability.

We protect information


We manage and protect customer and employee data, carefully guarantee intellectual property, in compliance with national laws and companies' codes, protect privacy according to articles 13 and 23 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and subsequent.


We support human rights

We do not purchase products or in any way support businesses that harm children, benefit from child labor or allow human trafficking.


We work safely


We understand that it is our responsibility to follow the procedures and take appropriate measures to prevent accidents or injuries during the work.


We care about health


We promote the mutual well-being of our partners and customers. We do not operate under the influence of alcohol, drugs, drugs or any other substance, which could interfere with the safety and efficacy of the workplace within which the business of FUORI ROTTA EVENTI E CONGRESSI SRL develops


We take care of the community


We support the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate.

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