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Fuori Rotta Eventi & Congressi was born in 2016 in Matera from the Project of its owner who after years of Congress Organization, fashion events, Vernissage and Corporate Marketing decides to try new territories expanding his knowledge of new cultures and traditions.


Roberta Saioni, sole director of the company, has a consolidated experience in the organization of national and international congresses, in the world of design and fashion, in marketing and business management. Her career path and her innate curiosity beyond rigor and attention to detail has led her over the years to acquire knowledge in many fields, her natural empathy towards others has returned satisfaction and loyalty over the years.


Fuori Rotta Eventi e Congressi starts from a well-defined vision and mission and bases all its work on a public code of ethics.




The "Fuori Rotta" naming fully expresses our entrepreneurial reality. Fuori Rotta is inspired by a single concept: "be the change you would like to see happen in the world", Travel outside the common route to learn, reach and conquer new scenarios and ways of acting in a different, innovative way. and ethics Fuori Rotta Eventi e Congressi is at the service of its customers through the sharing of values ​​and objectives; He believes that we can operate in respect of the environment; He believes he can act ethically in all aspects of his work, maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity thanks to the work of the men and women who work within him and the collaboration of companies and artisans who supply products and services. Fuori Rotta Events and Congresses is at the forefront of the fight against corruption.




We support the Scientific Committees in the Design of their Event.


We design and create public and private events, communication campaigns, coordinated graphics following our design and beauty concept.


We work every day to create quality communication based on simplicity, elegance and emotions. We design and implement eco-sustainable events, in partnership with associations, to raise public awareness by communicating constructively to increase human and aggregative values. We work by integrating all our passion and we are always focused on developing the skills within our company.

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